Parallel Session 1:
Lessons Learned from Recent Flood and Sediment Disasters towards Better Understanding and Actions

Concept note:

Since ICFM7 in 2017, the world has frequently experienced flood and sediment disasters. This session focuses on lessons learned from recent flood and sediment disasters. The session will be an opportunity to share the experiences of recent disasters and discuss their characteristics to find the right direction to plan countermeasures for future disasters. The lessons to be addressed in the session also include lessons learned in the different phases before and after a disaster, e.g., emergency response, recovery, and rehabilitation, and lessons about technology used for rapid assessment of disaster damage. The session will also discuss how to archive and utilize the lessons for the capacity development of stakeholders and disaster risk reduction in the future.

Session topics

1) Lessons about the characteristics of recent flood and sediment disasters

Keywords: floods, sediment disasters, hazard, characteristics, mechanism, field observation, lessons

2) Lessons about emergency response, recovery, and rehabilitation from flood and sediment disasters

Keywords: floods, sediment disasters, emergency response, recovery, rehabilitation, contingency planning, build back better (BBB)

3) Lessons about technology used for quickly assessing disaster damage

Keywords: damage investigation, post-disaster damage assessment, situation report, damage data collection, satellite image analysis, UAV

4) Archives of lessons and knowledge learned from recent disasters

Keywords: lessons, after action review (AAR), knowledge management, knowledge hub, archives, disaster museum, capacity development, education