Parallel Session 6:
Flood Governance and Finance

Concept note

To achieve the sustainable development goals, the present society needs to be shifted to a sustainable and resilient society against water-related disasters, pressing regional and global threats to be further aggravated due to future climate changes. Since this challenge affects various stakeholders and important development areas worldwide, actions must be promoted at all levels through adequate coordination to fill the gaps among countries and organizations.

It is also essential to allocate more resources to accelerate actions against water-related disasters so that practical governance schemes can be established to manage the resources effectively and efficiently for implementing human resources development and other programs. Furthermore, the resources should be used to enhance the effectiveness of investments, which helps reduce disaster risks drastically and consequently achieve quality growth.

This session widely calls for research outcomes and practical actions that address local efforts in communities and regions, including good practices and lessons under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Session topics

1) Strengthening governance capability for institutional structure improvement and community empowerment

Keywords: community empowerment or CBDRR (Community Based DRR), governance, policy, plan and implementation of DRR, post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, quality growth, multi-stakeholder engagement, transdisciplinary approach, Sustainable solution, conflict solution, transboundary, poverty, gender, peace, inclusiveness, partnership

2) Effective flood risk reduction policy by utilizing accessible flood hazard information

Keywords: flood risk reduction policy, strategy, intervention, accessible information, flood hazard, flood vulnerability, flood exposure, flood protection, stakeholder, public engagement, good practices, lessons learnt

3) Finance, investment, economic assessment, and cost benefit analysis in water-related disaster risk reduction, recovery and reconstruction

Keywords: finance and investment, economic assessment, international cooperation, prior investment, cost benefit analysis, cost effectiveness, direct and indirect monetary impact, Emergency management cost, tax revenue, budget, subsidy, ODA (Official Development Assistance), PFI (Private Financial Initiative), PPP (Public Private Partnership), financial gap, Incentive, anti-corruption, building code

4) Development and progress of the platform on water resilience and disasters

Keywords: International Flood Initiative (IFI),Platform on water resilience and disasters, Integrated Flood Management (IFM)