Parallel Session 10:
Systems approach to flood management

Concept note:

This session will discuss and share research results on system development and digital transformation (DX) in water-related disaster management. The research topics to be addressed in this session cover, for example, remote sensing data and data analysis and visualization at global and regional levels in hydrology, basin-scale information management systems for water-related disasters in basin management, the simulation and visualization of water-related disaster conditions in urban and river management. Researchers, managers, and policymakers will join this session and discuss how the latest technologies and systems can contribute to disaster risk reduction in the future.

Session topics

1) River basin management systems, response to climate change, and disaster risk management

Keywords: river basin management system, integrated system, decision making system

2) DX systems in water-related disaster risk reduction

Keywords: remote sensing, disaster prevention process simulation, spatial information, computer vision, risk management system, enlightenment and education system, BIM/SIM